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Haven't had such a laugh in ages, brilliant tool, amazing results - and poetry isn't dead after all Gail D'Almaine (via email)

Googlism for: audrina

audrina is the heroine of this
audrina is expected to be like her sister
audrina is about how parents react to the susceptability of children in extreme measures
audrina is unique
audrina is so
audrina is stunning bay appaloosa mare with a pretty head
audrina is the goddess of justice
audrina is a depressing
audrina is a pretty young girl forced to sit in the rocking chair of her older sister who was raped and murdered on her ninth birthday
audrina is a newly aquired appy mare we are going to start using on our stallions
audrina is an average sized girl
audrina is a joined trill have been joined with a the symbiont raye
audrina is crafted from a beautiful and soft 3/4 inch white mohair from hembold mills
audrina is based on a story book version of snow white
audrina is from pinehurst
audrina is the exception
audrina is her only stand
audrina is also an exception to the rule
audrina is out with
audrina is one of my favourite books
audrina is still one of my favorites
audrina is holding up as well as she can under these circumstances and nods slightly to herself
audrina is in that grave
audrina is a stubborn avalonian who's parents both perished on the frontier to a raid of midgardians when she was very young
audrina is #2 all the
audrina is delia's oldest child
audrina is the daughter of damian adare and lucietta whitefern
audrina is a mind
audrina is now known as missviolet <beepers246> hiya jason
audrina is getting a cold
audrina is a pretty
audrina is feeling smart because she got a 1570 on her sats today <bdp> bitch <lil
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