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Googlism for: boulez

boulez is dead
boulez is being widely and lavishly feted for his 75th birthday
boulez is a relic of an empirically discredited movement
boulez is the "real deal" whether you like to admit it or not
boulez is one of the most important musical and intellectual figures of the twentieth century
boulez is surely right
boulez is in a different league
boulez is an exhilarating ride and perhaps remains one of his most successful interpretations
boulez is noted as saying that his approach towards mahler comes via the second viennese school
boulez is also highly regarded for his work as a conductor
boulez is being serenaded on a scale that even richard wagner might have found embarrassing
boulez is the winner of the sixth international glenn gould prize
boulez is a conductor and composer of classical music
boulez is a marvellous musician and a charming man
boulez is renowned as a french composer
boulez is among the most influential contemporary musicians
boulez is one of the most distinguished composers and conductors in the world today
boulez is a musical genius
boulez is one of the
boulez is concerned with this view of sonata form
boulez is one of the most important composers of his generation and a gifted conductor
boulez is a cooler customer
boulez is occupied elsewhere
boulez is an interpreter extrordinaire
boulez is not my favourite mahler interpretor but in this one he is more than good
boulez is probably the most highly
boulez is one of three featured artists at carnegie this year
boulez is not so easily
boulez is again poised to
boulez is firmly identified
boulez is an ideal accompanist
boulez is much more clear
boulez is a pretty amazing artist regardless of what one might think about his own works
boulez is still very much alive and has been restored to the list
boulez is a seminal figure in 20th century music – composer
boulez is a seminal figure in 20th century music
boulez is
boulez is careful and reverent to each note
boulez is zich daarvan hoorbaar bewust in zijn lichtende en geserreerde uitvoering
boulez is het werk te vinden
boulez is always working
boulez is hardly unemotional; he just secludes his emotion deep inside his work
boulez is first
boulez is one of those who prompt a different listening approach
boulez is one of 20th century classical music's most cutting edge composers
boulez is not the first conductor i would have thought of
boulez is superior when it comes to making architectural sense of this sprawling symphony
boulez is a towering figure in contemporary musical life
boulez is admitted to the harmony class of olivier messiaen
boulez is assisted by the throaty
boulez is another conductor of a very different kind who lets you feel this piece's astonishing dynamism in his performances
boulez is een van die componisten waarop we vandaag de dag nog geen zicht hebben
boulez is not the best conductor of this work
boulez is blessed withe good health and to this day remains alive and well
boulez is now generally regarded as the world's leading conductor of contemporary orchestral music as well as being one of the most prominent composers of
boulez is equally uncompromising
boulez is recognized as a major figure in international composition since the war
boulez is what this disc most calls to mind
boulez is a regular guest at the salzburg festival
boulez is a great conductor and composer
boulez is de relatie tussen de taal en expressie van de mattheus
boulez is the creator and director of the ircam
boulez is what this disk most calls to mind; atonal and post
boulez is also composer
boulez is one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century
boulez is rehearsing birtwistle's the triumph of time with the bbc symphony orchestra
boulez is a man as complex
boulez is considered one of the 20th century's most important composers and conductors
boulez is my favourite living conductor and zimerman is my favourite living pianist
boulez is not interested in what he is conducting
boulez is principal guest conductor and barenboim music director of the chicago symphony
boulez is dead; old
boulez is named composer's chair at carnegie hall
boulez is particularly enlightening about this
boulez is so politically concerned perhaps she would like to try asking the club players if they agree with the pétanque tax in a little
boulez is in the pit for a double bill of two works composed at about the same time by two composers who many years later became unacknowledged neighbors
boulez is well known
boulez is the reigning conductor and composer of contemporary music
boulez is arguing this point of view
boulez is no escapist
boulez is now close to completing his mahler cycle for dg
boulez is conducting
boulez is like sound inspected with optical instruments
boulez is a brilliant conductor
boulez is a great choice for any schoenberg
boulez is committed to the expansion and re
boulez is principal guest conductor
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