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Googlism for: perl

perl is y2k compliant
perl is instrumental in data
perl is dead
perl is special
perl is the game
perl is internet yiddish
perl is shoehorned into solaris
perl is slow
perl is
perl is located at internettrash?
perl is bragging
perl is backwards
perl is not my favourite programming language
perl is the coder's language of choice
perl is the language of love
perl is yiddish
perl is already installed on all the student pcs in block 16 the
perl is not owned by any package"
perl is internet yiddish this was first thrown at danny for ntk back in 1997
perl is internet yiddish ii
perl is every bit as y2k compliant as is your pencil; no more
perl is known to be a standard component of the following distributions
perl is instrumental in data warehouse for italy's top bank by lori houston
perl is one of the fundamental tools icplanet's lead developer peter vangorder uses to manipulate data
perl is getting that stuff via an rdf feed
perl is a web hacker's best friend
perl is the right tool for the job
perl is #1
perl is ugly and java is elegant
perl is not
perl is located at internettrash? date
perl is located at internettrash? date index
perl is a trademark of o'reilly & associates
perl is also called the pathologically eclectic rubbish lister
perl is installed?
perl is still based on 8
perl is installed? in our unix environment you may use scripts written in perl that make use of the
perl is installed? we are currently running active perl build 522 on our nt servers
perl is apl on lsd
perl is unreadable 2
perl is unsupported
perl is open source software
perl is 5
perl is not quite fast enough
perl is a programming language that is used to create server
perl is good i've used perl on and off for some time now
perl is good
perl is a script programming language that is similar in syntax to the c language and that includes a number of popular unix facilities such as sed
perl is designed in a manner similar to natural languages
perl is ideal for web services programming with the internet as the standard medium for the transfer of
perl is robust enough to allow for the creation of complex programs
perl is boring
perl is loading
perl is not present
perl is located at internettrash? from
perl is a fairly straightforward
perl is aesthetically pleasing
perl is just plain fun
perl is finished in a shock usenet post yesterday
perl is there a way to step back a line thread219
perl is an interpreted scripting language with extensive facilities for data manipulation and rapid
perl is a requirement for a particular job
perl is an interpreted high
perl is required?
perl is also called the "pathologically eclectic rubbish lister
perl is a language optimized for scanning arbitrary text files
perl is the language of choice for webmasters everywhere
perl is already installed on all the student pcs in block 16 the following installation is only for a home or staff pc installing activestate's activeperl on a
perl is a language for "getting your job done"
perl is used
perl is one of the most important languages on the web
perl is better than make
perl is collaborative
perl is a general
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