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Chess is arguably the most famous board game in the world, and has its origins as far back as 2,000 years ago in India. The modern version of the game is said to have developed in Europe, during the 15th century, and the rules played today have largely been in place for over 500 years now.

Chess is played on an eight-by-eight checkered grid, with alternating dark and light colored squares. Boards come in a huge variety of materials and colors, with some of the most simple made of cardboard, while others are made of the finest marble. Online chess is also extremely popular, with technology allowing for computers to make intuitive moves as the game progresses.

In chess each player starts with 16 pieces on the board. What ensues is a game of strategy, where players make alternate moves and the ultimate aim is to win by trapping your opponent's king in an untenable situation.

Guide to check pieces

Check pieces are only allowed to move adhering to certain rules, as follows:

How to play chess

A game of chess always starts with the player with the light pieces moving first. Some chess games have timed moves, so that each player has a certain amount of time to make a move. A move stands once the player removes his hand from the piece, and he or she would then trigger the clock to start timing their opponent.

The game then ensues with the players taking alternative turns, until a point where one of the following things happen to bring the game to conclusion.

Chess champions

Chess tournaments are regularly hosted all over the world, with great acclaim given to the winners of the top events and cash prizes paid out at some of the most high profile. There are also many tournaments available at online chess websites, some of which pay out real money prizes to winners.

How do I get started playing chess?

Chess can seem daunting to learn, but it doesn't take long to get a hold on the basics and start playing. Playing online chess is a great way to start these days, where you can take advantage of free games and set your opponent difficultly to beginner level while you learn the ropes. It's a good idea to reference an established online chess portal for a guide on the best chess websites to play at.

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