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Craps is a classic gambling game played with a pair of dice, in which the object is to predict the combined number rolled by the dice. It's said the origin of craps can be traced back centuries, and the simple equipment required mean craps has long been played in the streets.

Craps is available at land-based casinos, but has also grown popular at online casinos, where the dice are rolled using random generator software. Online casinos offer craps for desktop and mobile devices. It's worth noting that not just the 'shooter' gets the bet on a game of craps. Those around the table are also entitled to bet, providing the dealer's button is set to 'on'.

The dice

Two regular, six-sided dice are used for craps. The game is not concerned with the individual number rolled by either dice, but only by the combined score of the two dice added together. Thus, the range of possible outcomes goes from two (achieved by rolling two ones, aka 'snake eyes'), to 12 (achieved by rolling a double six).

Who rolls the dice?

Players take turns to roll the dice, otherwise known as 'shooting'. A player's turn ends when they roll a seven during the 'point' round. We'll explain more here later, but once a player 'sevens out' another shooter, typically clockwise to the left, takes over to roll the dice.

How to play craps

The following is a basic outline of how craps works.

How to make pass-line bets when you're playing craps

This is where things can get a little more complicated. We won't get into all the bets you can make playing craps, but here is a guide to the most popular bet in craps, the 'pass line bet'.

Other bets available in craps

Pass line bets are not the only craps bets you can make. Players can also make 'don't pass' bets, which are effectively the exact opposite. With don't pass bets you're banking on a two or three being rolled in the come-out round. You lose on a seven or 11, while a 12 is considered a 'push'. Once play enters the point round, a 'don't pass' bet is banking on the shooter rolling a seven.

Here are a few other bets you can make it craps:

How to get started with craps

If you're looking to get started with craps, playing at an online casino is a great way to learn the ropes and get up to speed with how everything works. Most online casinos have a free play function that is great for beginners and should have you playing for money in no time at all.

The best advice is to check out an online craps portal for hints and tips on the best online casinos to play at.

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