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Googlism for: ebbers

ebbers is tightening mci's belt
ebbers is out at worldcom
ebbers is tightening mci's belt don't go near the water worldcom removed all the water coolers from mci's washington
ebbers is expanding its reach with local and net service bernard j
ebbers is out at worldcom by tsc staff 04/30/2002 07
ebbers is professor of higher education in the department of educational leadership and policy studies at iowa state university in ames
ebbers is a living legend
ebbers is "in good faith negotiations" with worldcom
ebbers is ''in good faith negotiations'' with worldcom
ebbers is likely to become the fall guy for the rotten core of american business
ebbers is being represented by reid h
ebbers is ``in good faith negotiations'' with worldcom
ebbers is asking for the company
ebbers is expected to raise his right hand today and swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth
ebbers is known internationally as a
ebbers is living proof that
ebbers is the servant of
ebbers is a fiber baron and an internet emperor
ebbers is surely no postmodernist
ebbers is john sidgmore
ebbers is an active performer
ebbers is “in good faith negotiations” with worldcom
ebbers is out
ebbers is a spendthrift
ebbers is allowed to repay his debts to the company over a five
ebbers is beginning to emerge in its full ghastliness
ebbers is out as ceo of worldcom inc
ebbers is among those expected to testify before congress next week
ebbers is not only a failure as a telecom ceo
ebbers is the michael jordan of dealmaking
ebbers is a native of edmonton
ebbers is out to break records with worldcom's $37 million merger with mci
ebbers is questioning the ongoing mergers in the telecom market
ebbers is ready to sink more than $5 billion into mci worldcom 's fiber
ebbers is the president
ebbers is believed to have landed on at least some of his visits
ebbers is stepping down as ceo amid falling sales
ebbers is toast
ebbers is hailed as a telecommunications maverick
ebbers is no exception
ebbers is out to break records
ebbers is a modern
ebbers is gone
ebbers is out the door
ebbers is self
ebbers is under can
ebbers is a key member of the drao operations group
ebbers is involved in student affairs and faculty relations
ebbers is also to pay interest on the outstanding balance
ebbers is charged and found guilty of any wrongdoing in worldcom's fraud case of hiding
ebbers is going to be sued by everybody
ebbers is equally uncertain
ebbers is a friend
ebbers is absolutely right in believing that this company’s structure is the prototypical structure to make a lot of money in that world
ebbers is feeling the heat
ebbers is shifting his
ebbers is up to his eyeballs in this
ebbers is in the gallery every tuesday
ebbers is the 64
ebbers is a good man
ebbers is still going to do something to bulk up in wireless
ebbers is the american dream embodied
ebbers is up to his eyeballs in
ebbers is relying on
ebbers is planning to walk away
ebbers is werkzaam voor defensie als hoofd opleiding richting militaire geografie
ebbers is now on the hook for $366 million in loans backed by worldcom stock that has gone from a high of over $60 per share to less than $2 per share
ebbers is a professing christian
ebbers is everywhere
ebbers is the big kahuna
ebbers is changing mci's old ways
ebbers is right that the future of telecom lies in offering a compatible cluster of local
ebbers is aimed at helping the second
ebbers is credited with building the company through acquisitions into a global giant
ebbers is standing by his man
ebbers is pretty familiar with that concept these days
ebbers is somebody who we all wanted to celebrate
ebbers is een kind van the american dream
ebbers is to be paid $1
ebbers is a professor of higher education
ebbers is set to make in his speech to the national press club
ebbers is far from fully committed to selling the company
ebbers is said to have made more than $11 million from several dozen ipos in the late 1990s
ebbers is easthaven baptist church
ebbers is unlikely
ebbers is said to have got £251m
ebbers is also taking refuge in the house of god
ebbers is in hock to his company for $366 million
ebbers is back to checking id’s outside my favorite pub in brooklyn
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