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Googlism for: daschle

daschle is worse than unpatriotic by david tucker
daschle is deluding himself
daschle is still in the driver's seat
daschle is seeking a special inquiry on september 11 attack
daschle is a hero
daschle is seeking a special
daschle is "concerned
daschle is "disappointed" about
daschle is the most partisan politician on both sides
daschle is a bad man? i don't
daschle is troubling to missouri farmers
daschle is absolutely stupid
daschle is right to raise questions about war policy
daschle is
daschle is holding bills hostage
daschle is no fdr
daschle is hypocritical
daschle is worse than unpatriotic analysis march 2002 by david tucker
daschle is deluding himself another way to look at it is the complete lack of party unity
daschle is still in the driver's seat paul weyrich tuesday
daschle is the dems' 'eddie haskell'
daschle is seeking a special inquiry on sept
daschle is right
daschle is outrageous and busted
daschle is politicizing war
daschle is "as smooth
daschle is "concerned over and puzzled with" us stand on nmd leader of the senate majority democratic senator
daschle is "disappointed" about
daschle is a bad man?
daschle is troubling to missouri farmers newsrelease missouri farm bureau federation and affiliated companies 701 south country club
daschle is obstructing democracy
daschle is a liar
daschle is trying to compete with al gore for the presidential nomination
daschle is out of the gate
daschle is playing partisan politics while endangering us national security and ignoring the safety of american citizens
daschle is politically
daschle is pretty cozy with big business himself
daschle is doing enhancing our reputation or improving our position?
daschle is moving too fast to take control of the senate
daschle is perfectly willing to legislate when emotions are running high
daschle is blocking 50 critical bills awaiting a senate vote
daschle is from and it makes me so angry that he is causing so much trouble by his stalling & playing politics ~~ what a dirty
daschle is the man everyone is watching
daschle is continuing to use partisan and obstructionist tactics to split the
daschle is touring with fellow democrat tim johnson
daschle is also targeted by a conservative group trying to elect republicans
daschle is playing the commie card
daschle is the slickest politician in the country
daschle is an ex af officer***
daschle is one of washington's most influential lobbyists on behalf of big business
daschle is speaking out on the progresses of the terror war
daschle is in a good spot
daschle is our person of
daschle is getting rolled democrats are learning what it's like not to have the bully pulpit
daschle is currently reading "master of the senate
daschle is an honorable man
daschle is not only out of the mainstream with americans
daschle is the one man in
daschle is threatening to keep senators in town until october 18 two weeks before election day even working weekends
daschle is in bed with saddam hussein
daschle is known on the other side of the aisle as a tough fighter and opponent to president bush
daschle is urging abortion advocates to get out and vote
daschle is feeling some heat #151 and in his own backyard
daschle is co
daschle is a politician in the great tradition of bill clinton
daschle is with his home state
daschle is a very able politician
daschle is adamant about "every vote counting
daschle is now making his voice heard in congress and across the country
daschle is a partisan political hack whose opposition to the house's $212 billion economic stimulus program is geared to destroying
daschle is a narrow
daschle is the epitome of a
daschle is scared to death of byrd and knows what will happen to him if he crosses the senior senator from west virginia
daschle is married to linda hall daschle and is the father of three children
daschle is reinventing the wheel by
daschle is now blaming for the recession
daschle is the nation's alpha
daschle is waging war against the president on the home front
daschle is digging the democratic party into a political hole
daschle is accusing the president of using the upcoming war
daschle is certainly on stronger ground when he says the tax cut has eaten away the surplus
daschle is partisan to the core
daschle is saying now
daschle is the senate majority leader
daschle is attempting to immunize his colleagues from questions about their judgment by equating such questions with challenges to their patriotism
daschle is battling fellow democrats
daschle is a staunch opponent of death tax repeal
daschle is too little
daschle is not interested in challenging bush in 2004
daschle is a sore loser jimmy moore
daschle is currently holding up legislation that has passed the house on tax relief
daschle is a partisan obstructionist and one of the worst majority leaders in history
daschle is one of them
daschle is a hypocrite
daschle is often mentioned as a possible candidate for his party's nomination to challenge bush in two years
daschle is determined to block these bills which have already passed the house of representatives
daschle is also keeping a close watch on sen
daschle is alot like popeye
daschle is following the democratic agenda set forth by james carville
daschle is trying to make it sound like he and members of congress are going to be involved in the strategy of the war plans
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