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Googlism for: emacs

emacs is not an editor
emacs is dying?
emacs is an extremely pow erful unix
emacs is the extensible
emacs is hung
emacs is missing
emacs is your friend
emacs is crashing exceed 7 on
emacs is the god of
emacs is a highly customizable open source text editor and application development system
emacs is 21
emacs is the kitchen sink
emacs is my favourite editor
emacs is self
emacs is a text editor linux uses
emacs is dying? daniel lundin lispmeralda at lists
emacs is dying? sven utcke lispmeralda at lists
emacs is an extremely p o w erful unix editor distributed b y ric hard m stallman and the gnu pro ject part of the f ree soft w are
emacs is the one true way
emacs is connected to because
emacs is a variant of emacs which is integrating the guile extension language in addition to emacs lisp so to provide a better programming environment
emacs is distributed by the free software foundation and was richard stallman's first step in the gnu project
emacs is put out by the free software foundation
emacs is
emacs is an environment for running lisp programs that manipulate text interactively
emacs is not installed on your system
emacs is the big fat god of gnu software suite around whom all else moves in circles
emacs is different things to different people
emacs is a public domain version of emacs
emacs is a very powerful editor available for a lot of operating systems
emacs is missing version
emacs is another editor available in unix
emacs is a lisp interpreter with which you can build an editor but also a tetris or a calendar
emacs is a "display" editor because normally the text being edited is visible on the screen and is updated automatically as you type your commands
emacs is first and foremost the most powerful editor around
emacs is a family of self documenting
emacs is the worst editor ever invented
emacs is running
emacs is a very large list
emacs is a free software multilingual text editor
emacs is free software produced by the free software foundation
emacs is the core component of the sgml/xml system
emacs is an extremely versatile text editor that is popular with programmers
emacs is far more than a simple text editor
emacs is easy to use and accessable yet powerful
emacs is a popular editor for ascii
emacs is placed in a buffer that usually has the same name as the file
emacs is referred to as gnu emacs
emacs is a text editor for Über
emacs is a very powerful text editor that allows interfacing to many things including most programming languages
emacs is available on all these unix hosts
emacs is an "extensible
emacs is elite for emacs 20
emacs is for the sophisticates
emacs is virtually an operating system in and of itself
emacs is quite different from that of the texts above; for example i believe that the two main keys of emacs are c
emacs is dead
emacs is free ; this means that everyone is free to use it and free to redistribute it on certain conditions
emacs is completely extensible and includes a fully functional version of the lisp programming language so that customizations to the editor can be written as
emacs is a text editing program
emacs is the world's best editor
emacs is waiting for input
emacs is an advanced and extensible editor
emacs is that carbon emacs allows you to use font
emacs is ``free'' and we recommend it
emacs is far more than a full
emacs is the most popular and widespread of the emacs family of editors
emacs is extremely customizable and extremely powerful
emacs is a powerful
emacs is an advanced
emacs is the most logical choice for any experienced user of dec's eve or lse 4 editors
emacs is a text editor
emacs is installed
emacs is a linux text editor
emacs is crashing exceed 7 on windows 2000
emacs is a file editing tool that will suit all of your file editing needs
emacs is an all
emacs is their very powerful text editor with tons of extra capabilities like
emacs is available on most of our computers
emacs is a full screen editor that allows complete text manipulation
emacs is the god of editors
emacs is growing very hungry
emacs is a very powerful text editor which you can use to create or edit text files on cunix
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