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Googlism for: svejk

svejk is set in austria
svejk is thus a thoroughly destructive spanner in the works
svejk is the hero of the hugely popular novel from world war i
svejk is not a conscious political actor
svejk is like no other book i have ever read
svejk is not an easy book to translate
svejk is daarin de schijnbaar argeloze
svejk is thrown out of a nuthouse
svejk is the classic novel of the 'little man' fighting officialdom and bureaucracy with the only weapons available to him
svejk is a symbol of a simple man who by his specific tactic
svejk is also unfinished
svejk is the greatest anti
svejk is a veteran of the army and served in wwi
svejk is starkly unsentimental
svejk is told to get off a train
svejk is not declining
svejk is a soldier determined to outlive everyone else
svejk is at the heart of everything we see as "reality" in l'aldilŕ
svejk is watering the seeds of postcommunist corruption
svejk is only concerned with working out a possible stance to fit the situations he is confronted with
svejk is never incoherent; on the contrary he's absolutely consistent
svejk is good low
svejk is de schijnbaar argeloze
svejk is ranked 43 and has played for 14h50m in 14 days real name
svejk is ranked 31 and has played for 15h28m in 14 days real name
svejk is a plebian hero and an enthusiastic spinner of yarns
svejk is better for class stereotypes
svejk is a minor industry in prague
svejk is een vriendelijke soldaat die
svejk is not and will not become their role model
svejk is the classic novel of the ‘little man’ fighting officialdom and bureaucracy with the only weapons available to him
svejk is crossing the street from east to west
svejk is pictured smoking in josef lada's illustrations
svejk is the hero of the great czech novel the fateful adventures of the good soldier svejk during the world war anyone that has not read it has missed
svejk is one of the great icons of czech literature and culture
svejk is one of literature's most interesting and subversive characters
svejk is represented by almost 30 editions
svejk is devoted to the disintegrating austrian
svejk is a charlatan
svejk is neergezet door
svejk is always possible
svejk is an unusual comedy following the misadventures of a naďve
svejk is a kind of sancho panza
svejk is our saviour and when the microchipped society gets ready to throw the switch
svejk is pihenőt tartott
svejk is kibújt egymás után
svejk is megérkezett
svejk is a far more subtle and complex and interesting character than yossarian
svejk is
svejk is an everyman figure
svejk is from the good soldier svejk by jaroslav hasek; jules
svejk is superior
svejk is the first personality who can be interviewed in the recently implemented version
svejk is probably a more effective antidote to war than the moral outrage of the typical antiwar tract
svejk is ezt itta a kehelyben
svejk is one of the classics of literature that sprang from the flesh
svejk is a wwi portrait of rebellion through lunacy
svejk is plump
svejk is one of literature’s most interesting
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