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Rummy is a simple card game that is popular all over the world, and sees two or more players attempt to lay down sets of matching or running cards. Rummy is most often played with a regulation set of 52 playing cards, and uses a scoring format that sets a positive value on each card laid down, and a negative value on the cards that remain in your hand when a game is over.

Rummy's origins are hard to pin down - such are the number of similar games that have been played throughout history. Some cite early 19th century China as the birthplace of rummy as we know it today, and there are certainly some similarities between rummy and the hugely popular game of Mahjong, which is played with tiles instead of cards.

What equipment do you need to play rummy?

There are two things required for a physical game of rummy, as follows:

Rummy is also widely available online. You can access online rummy through desktop and mobile devices, and there are many websites that offer the game free of charge. You'll also find some versions of rummy that can be downloaded to your device and played offline.

How does a game of rummy play out?

Here follows an outline for a game of classic rummy:

How are the scores calculated in rummy?

The following rules apply when it comes to rummy scoring:

Cards laid down in sets count as a positive to your score. So have three aces laid down when the game ends would score you 3 x 15 = 45. Cards that remain in your hand, however, count as a negative score. So having two aces left in your mean would be -30 applied to your score.

Depending on what's been agreed before the game you might set an overall winning total score (500 is common), or a time limit or number of hands that you'll play for. The winner will always be the player with the highest total of points at the time the game ends.

How do I get started playing rummy?

Playing online rummy is a great way to learn the game. There are a lot of really good sites to choose from, with some offering free rummy and others the option to play rummy for real cash. Best practice is to visit an online rummy portal and look for advice on the best sites to play at.

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